Doc Sanders Goes Whole Hog




Noted food animal production veterinarian and consultant Donald E. Sanders has just released a new self-published reference book to help 4-Hers, their parents, and small-scale swine producers learn everything there is to know to successfully raise swine for the show ring or market. The book, Doc Sanders Goes Whole Hog: The Complete Guide to Raising Pigs for Exhibition or Profit, is Dr. Sanders’ 10th food animal production book and second volume on swine management. Spiral-bound, the 174-page book is made to be taken into the barn as a handy reference for every step of raising pigs. The book, also available as a digital download, covers housing, breeds, pig selection and purchase, management tips, nutrition, medical conditions and diseases, advice on disease prevention and treatment, breeding, farrowing, swine welfare management, exhibition tips and ethics in the show ring and marketplace. Dale Ricker, Ohio State University Swine Extension Program Specialist, says, “Doc Sanders’ book is a great value. It offers a lot of good information, all in one resource, especially for inexperienced producers and exhibitors. Each chapter provides important information for raising and showing pigs successfully.” Also in the book, Dr. Sanders, an Ohio-based board certified theriogenologist (reproductive specialist), provides information on new breeding technologies such as deep horn insemination and sexed boar semen, to select the gender of offspring. His chapter on farrowing management includes a full set of birthing recommendations and diagrams. Retired from a successful 40-year private veterinary practice and from service as an Associate Professor at The Ohio State University, Dr. Sanders now maintains an international consulting practice with clients in China, Japan, South Korea, Puerto Rico and South America. Doc Sanders Goes Whole Hog is available in a soft cover, spiral-bound edition or as a digital download at The book comes with a DVD, which includes highlights from the book, commentary by Dr. Sanders and a guest appearance by 2015 Ohio Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame inductee and famed swine auctioneer Kevin Wendt, who shares his wisdom on showing, merchandising and selecting high quality pigs.


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